Automating the Toughest Tasks

Tribe Tech is a disruptive developer and manufacturer of autonomous mining equipment, incorporating our core proprietary IP, Tribe Technology Drilling System “TTDS”.


We were founded to create a safer, more efficient work environment through the development of fully autonomous reverse circulation drill rigs in the mining industry. Based in Northern Ireland and Western Australia, our world-class handpicked team of mechanical, electrical and mechatronic engineers delivers the highest levels of industry expertise and experience for clients both locally and internationally.


Autonomous RC Drill Rig

The Tribe Tech RC Drill Rig greatly reduces workforce risk while increasing efficiency and productivity.


Autonomous Sampling System

Improve sampling accuracy and increase productivity by retrofitting a Tribe Tech Autonomous Sampling System to existing RC rigs.

Key Benefits


Increased Automation

with automation of key tasks – collaring, rod loading, bit changes, set up and sampling

Cost Reduction

Less Downtime

with increased mechanical availability and a 40% decrease in maintenance costs

Risk Reduction

Reduction Of Operators

with only one operator required to operated the Tribe rig

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