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Automating the
Toughest Tasks


Creating a new future for the mining industry


Tribe Tech is a disruptive technology-first developer and manufacturer of world-class autonomous mining & exploration machinery.

The Group was founded in late 2019 in Western Australia and is headquartered in Northern Ireland. Tribe Tech aims to deliver innovative client-focused solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Our diverse team of industry specialists, handpicked from across the globe, is ideally placed to offer global support and after-sales service to our international clients.

Years' experience

Our Values

As a values-based business our culture is our biggest strength. We are focused on leading change by providing cutting-edge solutions to enable safe, sustainable working practices and increase productivity. Built on courage and compassion, we empower each other to develop innovative solutions to the industry’s toughest problems.


We trust each other to watch our backs, to keep us safe and to always speak up when something is not right including our behaviour.


We respect all our colleagues, customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders. No one is beneath us.


We seek to be innovative in everything we do, in our products, in how we continuously improve and in how we do business. It’s in our DNA.


We never forget we are a business and hold ourselves accountable to deliver value to our shareholders and stakeholders by delivering on our commitments as individuals and teams.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical & fairness standards, committed to the environment, the communities we work in, diversity, first nations peoples, transparency and the law.


RC Drill Rig

Our RC Drill Rig is changing the industry by creating safe and sustainable working practices, while increasing productivity and lowering operational costs. Our world-first autonomous Reverse Circulation (RC) drill rig removes all operators from one of the most challenging manual operations in the mining industry.

  • Increased automation
  • Improved safety
  • Faster cycle times
  • Accurate hole alignment
  • Continuous 24-hour operation

Key Benefits


Operational Cost

Workforce Risk



Sampling System

Conventional RC sampling and sample handling is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs for people in the drilling industry. In certain ground conditions, sample quality also suffers significantly. Tribe Tech’s autonomous sampling system addresses both issues.

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Consistent sampling
  • Continuous 24-hour operation
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